Birth of a Church

The Millerites firmly believed that Jesus Christ’s “second advent” (His second coming to earth) would occur on October 22, 1844. When His second coming did not take place, many Millerites were disillusioned and gave up belief in a literal second advent; but others went back to studying the scriptures….Over the next 15 years, former Millerites, meeting in a sequence of “Bible conferences”, identified a series of Bible truths forgotten since the days of the early Church……


Though John Nevins Andrews is rightfully credited as the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s first foreign missionary, the preaching of the Adventist message in Europe actually preceded his 1874 arrival in Switzerland by a decade.Michael Czechowski, a former Roman Catholic priest originally from Poland, had requested to be sent to his native continent to spread his newfound faith that heralded the soon Second Coming of Jesus. Adventist Church leaders, uncertain of his reliability and honesty, declined….

Church Structure

James White turned down a nomination to become the first president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, fearing some would see it as a power grab following his long call for a formal church structure.A decade after the Great Disappointment, the fledgling Advent movement was at another crossroads. But where 1844 had jarred the movement’s doctrinal core, this crisis saw leaders debating more tangible matters.“Around 1854 the movement almost falls apart because they can’t pay their ministers. You have [John Norton] Loughborough asking for a loaf of bread…..


“When God is behind something, what seems impossible is really only an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work a miracle,” said Wilmar Hirle, current associate director for the world church’s Publishing Ministries. ..Weeks before, the young, penniless Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneer had persuaded a local publisher to print 1,000 copies of the first issue of what is known today as “Adventist Review” magazine. White convinced the publisher that donations from Sabbatarian Adventists scattered across the U.S. Northeast would trickle in to cover the $64.50 printing costs. He was right…..

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